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Accidentally Pulling My Bootstraps - Post Meritocracy?
by HELP ME I AM COVERED IN BEES (Updated: 09-27-2018)

If Predators Wanted To Give Themselves Autism, Why Don’t They Just Get Vaccinated?
by Erik Wong (Updated: 09-17-2018)

Recounting Grand Pricks And A Rage That Sticks
by Erik Wong (Updated: 08-29-2018)

Roofies and How They Are
by Jager (Updated: 08-28-2018)

by IamNotTheNSA (Updated: 08-14-2018)

hi helo
by George (Updated: 08-13-2018)

Acid Blow Job
by King James (Updated: 08-11-2018)

I Am a Mead, and So Can You
by IamNotTheNSA (Updated: 08-10-2018)

by HELP ME I AM COVERED IN BEES (Updated: 07-24-2018)

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